Tuesday, April 26, 2011

www.AboutMyVisit.co.uk - Chiquito's Customer Satisfaction Survey

www.AboutMyVisit.co.uk is a website that features a customer satisfaction survey and contest on behalf of Chiquito Mexican Restaurant and Bar. Customers who complete the survey are immediately entered into an instant-win draw. The instant win prizes consist of a chance at winning 1 of 10 iPods or a daily cash prize of £1,000. As an extra – and extremely tasty – bonus, every customer who completes a survey will be given a free fajita to be enjoyed the next time they visit Chiquito Monday to Thursday.

To be eligible to participate in the survey and to win one of the prizes, individuals must have eaten at Chiquito Mexican Restaurant and Bar, and have ordered at least 1 additional main course item. On your meal receipt will be an invitation number that must be entered into the survey website within 30 days of your visit in order to participate. The customer satisfaction survey and prize opportunity is not valid in conjunction with any other Chiquito promotional or set menu offers.

If you have visited a recent Chiquito restaurant, give your feedback at www.aboutmyvisit.co.uk

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