Wednesday, April 13, 2011 - AppleBees Visit Survey Sweepstakes

Applebees is one of the largest casual dining chain of restaurants located throughout the country and also has branches overseas. It is one of the very few dining restaurants that provides a casual and an informal dining experience to the guests. ApplBees put a great emphasis on customer satisfaction and get the feedback of the customers with respect to the quality of the food and the quality of staff service. There is an online portal dedicated to getting feedback from the guests who have dined at Applebees. This online feedback portal can be reached by following the link

In the landing page of this portal, the users first have to select the country where they had the experience of dining with Applebees and the language in which they wish to give the feedback. Inside the feedback page, the users have to provide information regarding the "server" name , "Date" details among others to complete the survey. Once completed, all the users who have taken the survey are eligible for an entry into a random draw contest. One lucky winner will take home a daily draw prize of $1000.

Restaurant Survey:

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  1. I had a great time with my daughter! We both enjoyed our food selections and our service was awesome! I also took a look at the bar and I was impressed to see several screen tv's to watch! I'll definitely go back!


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