Wednesday, April 13, 2011 - PetSmart Pets Hotel Survey is the site, where you can participate in the “PetSmart PetsHotel/Doggie Day Camp Customer Satisfaction Survey” and share your experience about the facilities or even otherwise, for pets in its PetsHotel/Doggie Day Camp. This site is the address for the customer satisfaction surveys related to all its products and services and hence, you have to select the “PetSmart PetsHotel/Doggie Day Camp Customer Satisfaction Survey”, very carefully, which is second from the top in the list. After selecting this survey, you can enter the 16-digit pin number from your receipt and share your experience, which will help the company to understand your likes/dislikes and respond appropriately to cater to your entire satisfaction. As a token of appreciation for your time and effort in taking the survey, the company will provide you a validation code at the end of it. You can use this code to redeem the free offer printed on your receipt from any of its outlets.

Our pet is one of our family members. Founded in 1986, PetSmart Inc., a retail chain of specialty pet supplies and services, is close to the heart of millions of pet lovers, like you, since it assists you in grooming your pet, train your dog and its PetsHotel provides boarding facilities for your dog and cat along with Doggie Day Care service. It is headquartered at Phoenix, Arizona of the United States and has more than 1,160 outlets in United States and Canada.

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