Tuesday, April 19, 2011

www.Pharmacyfeedback.com - Alliance Boots Pharmacy Feedback Questionnaire

www.pharmacyfeedback.com is a website belonging to Boots UK Ltd. Are you familiar about the United Kingdom's famous pharmacy and health beauty retailer Boots? Not only is that, in the UK this retail chain famous for their specific type of health product across the globe as well. This famous retail chain also has shown their interest in dealing environmental issues, global something and has come up with few new concepts in order to give back something to nation as a whole.

If you are interested in knowing more about this member of Alliance Boots you need to visit feedback website at www.PharmacyFeedback.com. Visiting this website you can put your opinion how you feel about their products and provide your valuable suggestions as well. To participate in this feedback survey either you need to purchase some of their product from their physical stores. Your receipt of purchase will have a survey invitation code which you need to fill up visiting the website. Moreover, you can enroll your name to win some exciting prizes through their sweepstakes participating in this survey as well.

Pharmacy Survey: www.pharmacyfeedback.com

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