Tuesday, April 26, 2011

www.TellCaribou.com - Caribou Coffee Customer Satisfaction Survey

www.TellCaribou.com is a website of Caribou Coffee which is a retail coffee company serving customers in 16 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, several countries outside the United States, and online at caribou coffee.com. Headquartered in Minneapolis MN, they strive to make the highest quality coffee as well as provide superior service. Caribou Coffee practices social responsibility and sustainability by making it a goal to have all of their coffees Rainforest Alliance Certified by the end of 2011, and are close to reaching that goal with over 85% of their coffees being currently certified.

Besides selling a wide array of coffee, merchandise, and equipment, Caribou Coffee also offers catering services as well as home and office coffee delivery, making it easy to get the coffee you love without the hassle.

Because your opinion is so important, Caribou Coffee provides an easy to navigate web page where your voice can be heard. Simply go to www.tell caribou.com, enter the survey code and time of purchase from your receipt, and click start to participate.

Your opinion matters to Caribou Coffee so start by logging on to www.tellcaribou.com

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