Saturday, April 23, 2011 - Tilly's Guest Survey is the feedback page for a company called Tilly's, which sells youth-oriented sports and casual clothing, shoes, and accessories. Stores are located in California, NH, FL, Virginia, and a few other states.

This page (which does not link back to the Tilly's website) allows users to give feedback on their Tilly's experience, and be entered then into a drawing for a $25 gift card. Although the site asks you which store you visited, you are not required to enter any data off a receipt (it's optional). You are then asked if you would recommend Tilly's, and other questions about your experience at the store.

You are also asked for very basic demographic info (age) and are given the opportunity to leave more detailed feedback and to recommend brands that you'd like to see at Tilly's. Finally, you are given the option of leaving your contact info so that you can be entered into the drawing and/or receive catalogs and email updates from Tilly's. A redirect at this point takes you back to the main Tilly's page.

Retail Survey:

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