Monday, April 25, 2011 - Punch Pub Company Customer Satisfaction Survey is the official website of The Guest Experience Survey conducted by “Tell Us And Win” for customers of Punch Pub Company. This website is designed to provide an awesome experience to the viewers and also give them a golden opportunity to win a grand prize of £1,000. The website owners want to have a lot of interaction with the users and the viewers so as get proper feedback about the experience that they gained. They are ready to hear from the users even if they did not have the best of experiences.

The website developers assure that the feedback of the users is extremely essential to them and will be used for the improvement of experiences of their guests for their next visit. They also promise that the feedback will be kept absolutely confidential by their most trusted managers. One simply needs to enter the four digit code and the email address to enroll for this survey. The survey has basically been designed for people who have visited any pubs or hotels in the recent past.

If you are a customer of Punch Pub, visit

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