Wednesday, May 18, 2011 - Baja Fresh Customer Satisfaction Survey is a website of Baja Fresh. The Baja Fresh customer satisfaction survey focuses on providing each customer with the highest level of satisfaction. Here is how you can do the survey. When you get to the first page of the survey, all you have to do is enter your store number. Once you enter the correct store number, you can advance to the survey. As you go through the survey, it will ask many questions about how satisfied you were about the food. Once you're finished with the survey, the thank you page will pop-up.

The history of Baja Fresh is interesting and colorful. Baja Fresh, a chain of Tex-Mex restaurants, was founded by Jim and Linda Magglos in 1990. The headquarters of Baja Fresh are located in Cypress, California and the restaurant specialize in Tex-Mex foods that feature the finest ingredients as well as a salsa bar. The vision of Baja Fresh is to provide the customer with Mexican food that is not processed than any other foods on the market. The original headquarters were based in Newbury Park, California and was owned by Wendy's International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wendy's.

Restaurant survey:

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