Wednesday, May 25, 2011 - Panda Express Survey leads one to the page The website gives the impression that the site is cosponsored by a venture having title Panda Express, who are in the business of vending or serving Chinese Food and Medallia, a feedback solutions company.

The website is meant for receiving feedback from the customers of the Chinese Food outlet. The customers have to enter the receipt code to get into the survey page and begin survey. So the website is not meant for any casual visitor or even the prospective customers but only those who hold a valid receipt for purchasing food from the outlet. It is impossible to navigate about the website and get further information on the company without the receipt code.

The website very much conveys the impression that the company is very keen to receive feed back from the customers on the quality of the food they serve and the quality of the service rendered by the organization. The page also displays the web address of Medallia and links to their various pages.

Restaurant survey:

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