Monday, May 9, 2011 - Subaru Owners Survey is a survey website of Subaru. The Subaru brand has been in existence for over five decades and has produced great cars that innovate the automotive industry. Subaru originated in Japan in 1953 and made its first car in 1954. The Subaru brand would later expand to the United States in 1968 under automotive entrepreneur Malcolm Bricklin. The current American headquarters, since 1986, are located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. From the Impreza to the Outback Sport, Subaru has remained an important automotive entity.

The website,, consists of a survey for Subaru owners who have received a letter from Subaru regarding the survey. The person who got the letter from Subaru must enter the correct ID number as posted in the letter. Once the ID has been entered, the person can advance through the survey. The survey will enhance the way you use Subaru automobiles. In short, this online survey will help the company enhance their automobiles.

Automobile Survey:

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