Monday, June 13, 2011 - Toyota Canada Customer Survey is a website featuring Toyota Canada customer survey. Visit the website today to enroll your name in monthly sweepstakes. If you are a lucky winner you can win an Esso gift card of amount $1000. To participate in this sweepstakes you do not have to purchase anything. Just enter your full name, address, phone number, birth date along with your email addresses on a card and directly mail it to the postal address available in this website. You can provide your input in this survey website either in English or French. At any point of time while filling survey if you are facing any problem and not able to troubleshoot yourself you can navigate through the troubleshooting guide available in the website.

Like all other survey site you need to enter access code available in your survey invitation to start providing input in this survey site. So, if you want to provide your feedback visit the website right away and share your experience with Toyota.

Automobile survey: - RONA Customer Satisfaction Survey is a survey website of RONA which is Canada's leader in supplying tools and Equipments needed for home renovation and decoration. They have more than 700 retail hardware stores across the length and breadth of Canada. They also provide consulting services with respect to building construction and home renovation starting from the design phase till the execution phase. They give more emphasis on the feedback provided by their customers. Currently they have started getting the feedback from their customers through their online feedback portal. Users can reach the feedback portal by following the link

In the landing page of this feedback portal, the user can find the "Enter Survey" button at the bottom of the page. Before pressing this button, user should provide the access code that is available at the bottom of the receipt the customer would have received for the purchases made at their stores. The user can give the feedback either in English or French. One more advantage of giving the feedback is that the user could be eligible for a gift card worth $1000 after giving the entry. One lucky winner of this gift card will be selected by a random lot basis.

Retail survey:

Friday, June 10, 2011 - Abuleo's Guest Satisfaction Survey is the survey website of Abuleo's. Have you recently visited Abuelo's Mexican food restaurants? If yes, here is your chance to share your dining experience simply by visiting the website Not only that, by completing the survey you can enroll your name in a sweepstakes where you can win a free iPod Nano as an instant prize or $1000 daily prize. To participate in Abuelo's guest satisfaction survey you need to follow few simple steps and enter your coupon code from the receipt.

Visiting the website you can share your thought about their services and also provide your input so that they can improve their service as well. If you are not signed up yet in Abuelo's mail list you can do so easily visiting the website. Signing up in the mail list you will get a coupon for a free entrée with the purchase of one entrée and two drinks and many more saving throughout the year. So if you are a Mexican food lover and would like to make repeat visits to Abuelo's, visit the website right away and fill out the survey.

Restaurant survey: - Gap Customer Satisfaction Survey is a website of Gap which is one of the most popular clothing brands in U.S. and around the world. The company has complete range of clothing of every style, size and category and everybody can get the cloths according to his/her choice.

This summer, Gap wants to get feedback from its valued customers and do a survey on the customers’ choice and preference. To do this, they are offering 15% discount for the customers on the next shopping who take the survey. To do this survey, the customer has simply to enter the transaction number and the store number to the appropriate fields on the website and fill up some other details. Upon completion the survey, he/she will be given a discount coupon through email which can be used at the time of next shopping.

This offer is eligible for purchase from both Gap Outlet and Gap Factory Store. The customer should make a purchase from any of the stores in order to get a receipt where the transaction number and the shop number are mentioned.

Retail survey:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011 - J C Penney's Customer Satisfaction Survey is the survey website of JCPenney which is a departmental store that sells clothes, garments, beddings, watches and other accessories. The company is based in the United States of America and has been into this business over the past five decades. The quality of their products is simply fantastic, which is why they have expanded their businesses to other geographic locations including Europe and a few countries of Asia. JCPenney is a pioneer in the domain of bedding materials.

JCPenney has introduced a Customer Satisfaction Survey on the website to understand the insights of the consumers with respect to their products as well as the efficiency and worthiness of their sales personnel. One has the option of language preference as the survey can be taken in either English or Spanish. The survey should be taken very seriously and honest responses should be given so that JCPenney can make an attempt to improve the overall quality of their products and services.

Retail survey: - Shoppers Food and Pharmacy Customer Feedback Survey is a website offered by Shoppers Food and Pharmacy for their customers to share their opinions on their experience in Shoppers stores.

Shoppers is a Food and Pharmacy store that has locations in Washington D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia. It is a standard grocery store that also operates pharmacy within.

Shoppers listen is an idea they had to give an outlet for their customers to share their opinions on shopping experiences. The customer is given the chance to take a short survey either in English or in Spanish and at the end is automatically entered to win a small cash prize in their weekly drawing. By doing this, they solicit all of their customers to submit their opinions which gives them an even range of both negative and positive remarks made by their clients. This is a more realistic way to view what people actually think about the store.

As this customer service feedback solution is effective, more and more companies are taking after shoppers listen and providing the same option to their clients.

Retail survey: - The Children's Place Customer Satisfaction Survey is a website that allows consumers who shop at “The Children's Place” to give honest feedback on their experience.

The Children's Place is a store that sells children’s clothing. They offer various sizes from newborn all the way up to children age 14. They cater to both boys and girls and have stores all over the United States as well as in Canada.

Because they are an international store, the website where users can take a survey is available in three different languages, catering to all stores, regions and customers. Once the customer has clicked on their appropriate language, they take a short survey by entering in the number on the bottom of their last receipt.

Once the survey is complete, they are entered to win an iPod or cash prize. By offering this, they are sure to get not only the negative feedback they are looking for to improve, but also the customers who have positive and mediocre feedback and who may just want a chance at a prize. This is a common technique used by companies today to show their genuine interest in what their customers have to say.

Retail survey: - Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey is the survey website of Rite Aid which is a well known drugstore with locations nationwide boasting the phrase “With Us, It’s Personal”. Rite Aid has designed itself to be a part of the corner store niche, while still offering the benefits of a nationwide brand and pharmacy.

Rite Aid has designed a website allowing its customers to give their feedback on their experience in the store. They are showing their customers the importance of what each and every one of the has to say and what their experience was while shopping at Rite Aid. By doing this, they are committing to their slogan, making each transaction personal. Rite Aid has developed a solid technique to obtain this honest feedback from each customer. When taking this survey, the customer must enter in a 16 digit number found at the bottom of their receipt. Once they answer a few short questions, they automatically receive a coupon to be redeemed on their next visit.

Rite Aid has then solidified a reason for that customer, whether they had a positive or negative experience, to return to the store at some point. This is a positive marketing technique used by many companies nationwide.

Retail survey: - DICK's Sporting Goods Customer Satisfaction Survey is the survey website of DICK's Sporting Goods. This is a large sporting good retailer that offers customers a wide variety of sports-related items. DICK's has both brick-and-mortar stores as well as a convenient website that is a great source for all of your sports needs, from equipment all the way to clothing and footwear. The company has been helping people with their sports accessories for over 50 years and with a staff of over 10,000 knowledgeable employees, customers can be sure to have all of their questions answered in a helpful and courteous way.

The feedback site within the webpage has been created to provide customers a viable medium to provide feedback, which could then be used to improve the overall experience at DICK's. To further isolate concerns to particular regions and even particular stores, DICK's has requested that customers put their store number, register number, transaction number, transaction date, and total purchase amount into the blanks on their feedback screen. This information will allow employees who are reading the comments to be able to better-relate to the customers and address any problems more efficiently. In addition, it could potentially create a great way to recognize particular employees or stores that are excelling.

In order to get this valuable information from customers, DICK's has offered a coupon in exchange. This coupon would take $10 off a purchase of $50 or more at any DICK'S Sporting Goods retail store location. This incentive is sure to attract more people to submit their comments, and is a small price to pay to receive the acute information that this medium would provide. Furthermore, it would give further incentive for customers to shop at DICK's, not only because of the capability of creating a more customer-friendly environment, but also because they would save $10. This, would be a win-win for all parties involved.

Retail survey: - Sears Outlet Feedback is the survey website of “Sears” which is giving you the chance to win a $4000 gift card, just by filling in the short customer feedback survey. Because it’s a customer feedback survey, you have to be a customer at a Sears outlet and enter the details from your till receipt to begin the survey.

The survey glides from page to page effortlessly by using the “the link group” survey engine. The survey uses SSL encryption so some small percentage of users will not be able to access the survey, but for them there is a link button to the “Official rules of Sweepstake” for people who would like to still participate in the draw to send their entry.

The SSL encryption helps to keep all your private data safe, so you will understand why it is used in a sweepstake.

Retail survey: - Moe's Southwest Grill Guest Satisfaction Survey is the survey website of Moe's Southwest Grill , the tasty American fast casual restaurant is starting a new system of asking the reviews of the customers online. The Moe's Southwest Grill Headquartered at Atlanta, Georgia is all set to Survey its clients online for better improvement and a great service.

This website holds the survey about the experience in the Restaurant and also asks about the service and food quality. The Moe's, already a renowned chain of restaurants has done a great job in keeping track of the user reviews and also its scope for improvement is sure to be applauded.

The Website has two option either to review in "English" or in " Spanish(Espanol) " so as suit the user's choice. The survey just needs your last visit's receipt no , date and your Email id to start the survey and pitches on every important points to gather your feedback.

Restaurant survey:

Monday, June 6, 2011 - Get My $100 Gift Survey

You may have received email marketing offers to visit This is a site that allows you to get $100 gifts for filling up and accepting various sponsor offers. These can include anything from selling your used phone, filling up a survey regarding the choice of soft drinks or filling up information to get a free iPad 2. First you select from the list of offers from the site and entering a gift code. Then you are redirected to various sites which seems to be sponsoring the prizes. However, these sites typically require the entry of personal information such as your shipping address, name and email. Be sure to read the fine print and terms and conditions as to how your private information are used and how these gifts are awarded.

In one offer, we had to fill in our name, zip code and email address and then was subsequently presented with a number. A number of pop ups occur which usually requires the filling in of email address or cell numbers. - Elephant Bar Guest Satisfaction Survey is a website of Elephant Bar which has been serving simply mouth smacking dishes since more than thirty years. They are known to deliver a unique dining experience comprising of exotic dishes and mesmerizing cocktails and other beverages. Their customers have been extremely loyal since the motto of Elephant Bar has been to treat them to the best of their ability. Elephant Bar has also been known to give value for money as they serve substantial quantity of food along with excellent presentation at affordable prices.

Elephant Bar is conducting a Customer Satisfaction Survey on the website to understand the contentment levels of their customers. In order to participate in the survey, one needs to enter the fifteen digit serial number that is printed on the survey invitation. Elephant Bar is requesting all survey takers to be absolutely honest in their feedback so that the services and quality of products can be improved to a greater extent if required.

Restaurant survey: - Marie Callender's Guest Experience Survey belongs to Marrie Callender's Restaurant and Bakery. Purpose of this site is to analyze satisfaction level of their guests. It is a simple Guest experience program where they want to get feed back from their regular and loyal customers.

This is just one of their promotional activities. This survey is not open to everyone and it is strictly for people who visited this restaurant at least once. You need to keep the receipts received from this restaurant to participate in this online survey.

How to use this site?

This site is very simple to use. You just need to check 15-digit survey code located near the bottom of your receipt. Please click on the link next to "To see a picture of the survey code location, click" in case you find it difficult to locate your code.

Enter the code number in to the space provided in this website and then click START button. That's all, this site will take you to a different page where you can start answering your survey questions. Answer your survey questions diligently and honestly and finally sign out from the system once you are done with all the questions.

Restaurant survey:

Sunday, June 5, 2011 - Bruegger's Guest Satisfaction Survey belongs to a site of Bruegger's Baked fresh. This site is meant for guest satisfaction surveys and it is one of their promotional activities. This survey is not available to everyone. Only invited participants are allowed to take this survey. If you have their invitational card mailed to you then you can be a part of this survey. Invitational cards are sent to their regular and loyal customers and the purpose of this survey is to get general feed back from the customers.

How to use this site?

it is easy to navigate and use functions in this website. First you need to find your 13-digit survey code located in the middle of your survey invitation. Now you just enter that code in to the columns specified in this site. Click START button after your code is entered. That is all.Now this website will take you through the survey page where many questions for their customers are listed. Answer each questions diligently and sincerely and finally sign out of the system.

Restaurant survey: - Hornbacher’s Customer Satisfaction Survey is the survey website of Hornbacher’s which has been in the business of fast food since a considerably long period of time. They have served delicious sandwiches, burgers and some other exquisite dishes to their loyal customers and have been mighty successful in winning the hearts of people. People have acknowledged the food of Hornbacher’s a lot in the past years.

Hornbacher’s now wishes to raise the standards of their food quality as well as their services. This is the reason why they have introduced a Customer Satisfaction Survey on the website to understand the insights of their customers regarding their products.

The terms and conditions of the sweepstakes are described on the website in a clear and crisp manner. Customers can take this survey after filling up their personal information along with the Coupon Code that also needs to be entered. There would be weekly drawing in which the winners will be awarded with $100. Hence, this survey should be taken so that this opportunity is not foregone.

Restaurant survey: - Logan's Roadhouse Guest Satisfaction Survey belongs to a site named Logan's Roadhouse. This site appears like a promotional site for few selected products. It is written 'Guest Satisfaction survey" at the top and that shows this site is meant for collecting some information from people on behalf of some companies.

Visitors only those invited are permitted to take this online survey. Visitors can choose their preferred language in which their surveys to be listed. If you prefer surveys to be in English, then you should click on the link mentioned for the same in this website.

How to use this website?

It is simple to use this website. Click on your language preference first which will take you to a screen where you need to enter your serial number. You can find your serial number on your invitation card. Just enter that number and click START button. Once your serial number is authenticated, it will take you through the survey page. Just follow the instructions and answer each survey questions diligently.

Restaurant survey: - Starbucks Customer Satisfaction Survey is a survey website for Starbucks which has undoubtedly been one of the best and most renowned coffee stores in the world. They have been serving excellent coffee to customers since over two decades. Their fame has reached international boundaries and people go to Starbucks for coffee, ambience as well as an unforgettable experience with respect to service.

Starbucks wants to be the undisputed king in the field of serving coffee. Since their major clientele are Americans and Canadians, they have introduced a survey on the website to understand the perceptions of the customers especially of these two nationalities. This survey is targeted to understand the level of customer satisfaction towards their products and services.

One simply needs to enter personal information on the survey as well as the Customer Code on the bottom of their last receipt that they received from Starbucks. Starbucks promises that the survey, if taken candidly, will help them improve their services on the next visits of the customers.

Restaurant survey: - The Sports Authority Customer Satisfaction Survey is a website for Sports Authority to gain feedback from customers about a recent shopping trip. The Sports Authority is a nationwide sporting goods stores. Founded in 1987, the chain currently features over four thousand stores across the country. Sports Authority stores feature athletic apparel, licensed professional sports attire, athletic equipment, shoes, and home gym equipment, among other similar products. Completion of the customer satisfaction survey requires a code printed from a receipt from a recent shopping trip at a Sports Authority.

The survey must be completed within seven days of the purchase. In return for completing the survey, participants will receive a coupon for 10 dollars off a future purchase of 50 dollars or more. The coupon is a printable coupon that is only available after the completion of the survey, so participants must be connected to a printer to receive the coupon.

Retail survey: - Staples Retail Customer Satisfaction Survey is a website to receive feedback about a recent shopping experience at the Staples, Inc. chain of office supply stores. The site is available in English and Spanish. To proceed with the survey, customers must enter a 16 digit code that can be found on their receipt. In return for completing the survey, participants will have the opportunity to win a monthly drawing of a $5,000 gift card for use at a Staples store.

Staples, Inc. is a chain of stores originally founded in 1985. Currently, the store has over 2,000 locations in over 2 dozen countries. Staples stores sell a variety of office equipment and supplies, including paper products, office supplies, office furniture, computers, and electronics. Many locations also offer printing, shipping, and copy services as well. Their current marketing advertises their "easy" button, publicizing their ability to easily solve many business and office problems.

Retail survey: - California Pizza Kitchen Customer Survey is a website for a California Pizza Kitchen customer survey. Founded in 1985, California Pizza Kitchen is a chain of restaurants, consisting of over 200 establishments in the US. The restaurants are located in over a dozen other countries around the world as well. California Pizza Kitchen also licenses pizzas to be sold in the frozen section of grocery stores through Kraft foods. California Pizza Kitchen specializes in gourmet and unique flavors of pizza that can not typically be found at other pizza restaurants.

At this site, people can enter a code from their survey invitation, which can be found on their receipt. The survey aims to gather feedback about a recent trip to the California Pizza Kitchen chain of restaurants. After completing the survey, customers will have the opportunity to enter a sweepstakes. Entrants of the survey must be legal residents of the United States and be at least 18 years of age.

Restaurant survey: - Lowe's Customer Survey is the survey website of Lowe’s which is a retail company that specializes in improvement of home merchandise. They have been in this business for at least two decades and would like to improve the quality of service they provide. They want to ensure that customers have an unbelievable shopping experience when they come to Lowe’s.

This is the sole motive of Lowe’s introducing a customer satisfaction survey on the website so that they will be able to understand the perceptions of the customers. They want customers to post a true feedback of their last shopping experience at Lowe’s. The survey will take approximately ten minutes to get completed.

The rules and regulations of the sweepstakes are properly described on the website of Lowe’s. The entire list of the previous winners of the sweepstakes is also mentioned. People who complete the survey will get a golden opportunity to win a Lowe’s gift card worth $5,000 when the draws will be opened quarterly.

Retail survey:

Friday, June 3, 2011 - Great American Cookies Customer Satisfaction Survey is the link that takes you to the site hosting the ‘Customer Satisfaction Survey’ of Great American Cookies, headquartered at Atlanta, Georgia of the United States. Through this survey, you can share your feedback, both positive as well as otherwise, about your shopping experience in any of the more than 290 stores of Great American Cookies, the franchise brand of NexCen Brand.

To participate, you need to have either an invitation from the company or your cash receipt. If you have an invitation from the company, you need to click the invitation card photograph in this site, enter the ‘Survey Entry Code’ and then complete this short survey. On the other hand, if you have a cash receipt, you have to click the cash receipt photograph in this site; enter the Store Code, Date & Time of your visit, Amount Spent from the receipt and carry on to provide your feedback.

Your feedback will not only help the company but will also earn you ten (10) entries in the “Empathica, Inc. Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes”. This sweepstakes, having daily drawings, is running throughout the month of June 2011 and you can complete a survey every day, between 12:00:01 a.m. and 11:59:59 p.m. to participate in it. You can even complete this survey through SMS by text messaging your answers to the number provided in your invitation instruction. Moreover, at the end of the survey, you can be invited through email, to enter for the Daily Prize through GoRecommend application, which will earn you an additional entry in this sweepstakes.

Since, this sweepstakes does not require you to make a purchase, you can choose to skip the survey and still receive ten (10) entries in this sweepstakes by mailing your handwritten details along with the sentence, “Please enter me in the Empathica Inc. Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes for a chance to win great prizes”, to one of the following addresses.

As a resident of the United States, you should mail your entry to:

June Mail-In Entry
c/o Empathica Inc. Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes
c/o Name of Participating Client
511 Avenue of the Americas, #40
New York, NY

As a Canadian resident, you should send your mail to:

June Mail-In Entry
c/o Empathica Inc. Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes
c/o Name of Participating Client
2121 Argentia Rd., Suite 200
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
L5N 2X4.

As a resident of the United Kingdom, you have to send your mail to:

June Mail-In Entry
c/o Empathica Inc. Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes
c/o Name of Participating Client
One Victoria Square
Birmingham, UK
B1 1DB.

Here, everyday, you will have the opportunity to win $1,000, CAD$1,000, GBP 1,000, or 1,000 euros, as Daily Prize and an 8GB iPod Nano as Instant Prize.

Retail survey: - Chili's Guest Experience Survey is a website of Chili’s which has introduced a survey on their website to understand the perceptions as well as observations of the customers with respect to their food. Chili’s is a very famous and established brand and has been serving mouth-smacking dishes to clients since a lot of years. However, they are thriving for perfection and want to improve their food quality as well as standard of service. The survey can be taken in either English or Spanish.

The rules and regulations of the sweepstakes are mentioned on the website so that interested participants can read them in details. Sweepstakes are being offered on a daily basis worth $1,000. In order to participate in the survey, one needs to submit the personal code present on the bill of Chili’s. It is to be noted that the code needs to be entered within 4 days of the generation of the bill. Purchase of food items is not necessary for increasing chances of victory.

Restaurant survey: - Capriotti's Guest Satisfaction Survey is a website for a survey from Capriotti's Sandwich Shop. In order to complete this survey, you must enter the 15-digit survey code located on your survey invitation. The person should receive an email containing the survey code. Once you enter the code, you are good to go and the survey begins. This survey focuses on how satisfied the person is with the food. The company values your candid feedback on the items served at this restaurant.

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop is a submarine sandwich restaurant located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The famous submarine sandwich restaurant restaurant was founded in 1976 by Lois and Alan Margolet. The restaurant is named after Phillip Capriotti, their grandfather. In 1987, the two joined forces with Diane Rizzo to open a second store in New Castle, Delaware. Shortly after Capriotti's opened in New Castle, a third store in Newark, Delaware opened its doors. With the Newark location opening its doors, it became the first Capriotti's restaurant to be franchised. In 1993, the family relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada and a new Capriotti's restaurant opened its doors. Since the restaurant's founding in 1976, Capriotti's has been the one restaurant many people go to when it comes to great submarine sandwiches.

Restaurant survey:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011 - Cabela's 2011 Retail Store Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes is the survey website of Cabela’s which is one of the world’s largest retailers in the field of merchandise required for hunting, fishing and camping. They specialize in accessories required for outdoor adventures. They have presence in most of the major cities and states of the United States of America. As an outfitter, the store has received recognition all across the country.

Cabela’s has taken up the initiative of improving their retail segment; hence, they have posted a Customer Satisfaction Survey on their website so that customers post their candid feedback about the company, their products as well as the efficiency of their personnel.

One can also sign up for sweepstakes on the website apart from participating in the survey. Winners of the sweepstakes can get a golden chance of winning a gift card from Cabela’s worth $500. The rules and regulations of the survey are mentioned in details on the website; hence, one should thoroughly read them in order to avoid disqualification.

Retail survey: - Papa Gino’s and D'Angelo Guest Loyalty Survey is the site through which Papa Gino’s Holdings Corporation, LLC or Papa Gino’s, the chain of over 200 restaurants catering American-style pizza and other delicacies like salads, submarine sandwiches and other appetizers, invites you to provide your dining experience feedback in any of its outlets. If you had loved its pizzas with 6 toppings for $15.99 only or even otherwise, you can provide your candid feedback through its ‘Guest Loyalty Survey’, available in this site, by entering the survey code from your invitation.

In this highly competitive market, where customer satisfaction holds the center stage, your feedback will help the headquarter of this half-a-century old organization situated at Dedham, Massachusetts of the United States to iron out the rough edges and provide quality products and services to your entire satisfaction. The information that you provide will be used only for research purposes, fulfillment of incentives and other customer service initiatives and through its ‘Privacy Policy’ the company assures you of complete security of your personal information from identity theft.

Restaurant survey: - Office Depot Customer Feedback Survey is the site through which Office Depot, the second largest specialty retailer of office products and services, like business machines, computer and computer software, office furniture, copying, printing, computer setup and repair, etc., invites you to provide your feedback regarding its products and services. Your participation will take around 15 minutes; however, this time will prove to be invaluable to the headquarter of the company situated at Boca Raton, Florida of the United States and help it to take necessary steps to improve its services.

Here, you can choose one (1) of the three (3) invitation options, depending on whether you had received an invitation card or receipt from the store or even an email invite, to participate in this feedback collection process. Then, answering some basic questions you can provide your candid feedback, which will not only help this 25-year-old company, but will also earn you a $10 worth of discount coupon. You can print and use this coupon to avail the discount on a purchase of $50 or more during your future visit to any of the Office Depot outlets. However, to maintain the sanctity of the program, the company restricts the usage of this coupon on contract purchases.

Retail survey:

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