Wednesday, June 1, 2011 - Cabela's 2011 Retail Store Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes is the survey website of Cabela’s which is one of the world’s largest retailers in the field of merchandise required for hunting, fishing and camping. They specialize in accessories required for outdoor adventures. They have presence in most of the major cities and states of the United States of America. As an outfitter, the store has received recognition all across the country.

Cabela’s has taken up the initiative of improving their retail segment; hence, they have posted a Customer Satisfaction Survey on their website so that customers post their candid feedback about the company, their products as well as the efficiency of their personnel.

One can also sign up for sweepstakes on the website apart from participating in the survey. Winners of the sweepstakes can get a golden chance of winning a gift card from Cabela’s worth $500. The rules and regulations of the survey are mentioned in details on the website; hence, one should thoroughly read them in order to avoid disqualification.

Retail survey:

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