Sunday, June 5, 2011 - Logan's Roadhouse Guest Satisfaction Survey belongs to a site named Logan's Roadhouse. This site appears like a promotional site for few selected products. It is written 'Guest Satisfaction survey" at the top and that shows this site is meant for collecting some information from people on behalf of some companies.

Visitors only those invited are permitted to take this online survey. Visitors can choose their preferred language in which their surveys to be listed. If you prefer surveys to be in English, then you should click on the link mentioned for the same in this website.

How to use this website?

It is simple to use this website. Click on your language preference first which will take you to a screen where you need to enter your serial number. You can find your serial number on your invitation card. Just enter that number and click START button. Once your serial number is authenticated, it will take you through the survey page. Just follow the instructions and answer each survey questions diligently.

Restaurant survey:

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