Tuesday, June 7, 2011

www.PlaceSurvey.com - The Children's Place Customer Satisfaction Survey

www.PlaceSurvey.com is a website that allows consumers who shop at “The Children's Place” to give honest feedback on their experience.

The Children's Place is a store that sells children’s clothing. They offer various sizes from newborn all the way up to children age 14. They cater to both boys and girls and have stores all over the United States as well as in Canada.

Because they are an international store, the website where users can take a survey is available in three different languages, catering to all stores, regions and customers. Once the customer has clicked on their appropriate language, they take a short survey by entering in the number on the bottom of their last receipt.

Once the survey is complete, they are entered to win an iPod or cash prize. By offering this, they are sure to get not only the negative feedback they are looking for to improve, but also the customers who have positive and mediocre feedback and who may just want a chance at a prize. This is a common technique used by companies today to show their genuine interest in what their customers have to say.

Retail survey: www.placesurvey.com

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