Tuesday, June 7, 2011

www.RiteAid.com/PharmacySurvey - Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey

www.RiteAid.com/PharmacySurvey is the survey website of Rite Aid which is a well known drugstore with locations nationwide boasting the phrase “With Us, It’s Personal”. Rite Aid has designed itself to be a part of the corner store niche, while still offering the benefits of a nationwide brand and pharmacy.

Rite Aid has designed a website allowing its customers to give their feedback on their experience in the store. They are showing their customers the importance of what each and every one of the has to say and what their experience was while shopping at Rite Aid. By doing this, they are committing to their slogan, making each transaction personal. Rite Aid has developed a solid technique to obtain this honest feedback from each customer. When taking this survey, the customer must enter in a 16 digit number found at the bottom of their receipt. Once they answer a few short questions, they automatically receive a coupon to be redeemed on their next visit.

Rite Aid has then solidified a reason for that customer, whether they had a positive or negative experience, to return to the store at some point. This is a positive marketing technique used by many companies nationwide.

Retail survey: www.riteaid.com/pharmacysurvey

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