Tuesday, June 7, 2011

www.SearsOutletFeedback.com - Sears Outlet Feedback

www.SearsOutletFeedback.com is the survey website of “Sears” which is giving you the chance to win a $4000 gift card, just by filling in the short customer feedback survey. Because it’s a customer feedback survey, you have to be a customer at a Sears outlet and enter the details from your till receipt to begin the survey.

The survey glides from page to page effortlessly by using the “the link group” survey engine. The survey uses SSL encryption so some small percentage of users will not be able to access the survey, but for them there is a link button to the “Official rules of Sweepstake” for people who would like to still participate in the draw to send their entry.

The SSL encryption helps to keep all your private data safe, so you will understand why it is used in a sweepstake.

Retail survey: www.searsoutletfeedback.com


  1. I had exceptionally good help while shopping at your Carmel Mountain Outlet Store in San Diego. Sales person # 9999219 went over and above as did assoc.# 8367(Farah Wittmayer).

  2. Coming from Hagerstown, MD they confirmed that the washer and dryer set was in their inventory at this Wheaton, MD location. I arrived after 63 miles of driving to be greeted by a poor customer service. Their were two customers in the store. One casher, Terrell (warehouse manager) had taken a long time walking to the store end for the buyer before me.
    When it became time for me to get my set of purchases they marked up prices for their so called Labor Day sale. I showed him the items picture taken on my cell and he stated that he may price match the item from online. That product was also higher that previously displayed. We decided to go with another unit, and not give them further time from our wasted trip. The two loaders including a self proclaimed warehouse managerial staffer Anthony, placed the unit in the truck and water started coming out. The site of the water conveyed Anthony to say that if, you have any issues you can always call or get a variable unit. In off loading the unit my truck back and flooring was covered with water including the receipt, two jackets, kids/car activities kit and a jean picnicking blanket.
    That Saturday, after a long nights prior work we took the unit up a flight of stairs for hook up. Hearing water still in the cavities, we allowed the unit to finsh it's assumed paused cycle. The unit screamed in completion as I spoke with Sears of Wheaton. The next day I came to their location, only to be told they would not refund the unit. They called the cops and I was told to leave. Awaiting for the police while on the phone with their Sears customer service, another proclaimed manager Sonny went to the truck. He viewed the water when offloading. Apologized for their disrespect and was concerned about their use of his name being used as an adjective in my purchase experience. (They stated prior that it's another Sonny client. Promising to do things just to take Terrells clients. The non uniformed yakking man, Store Manager Ron Williams stated that's not what we do.)
    In coming back into the store Sonny instructed two staff members to be professional and stop cracking jokes on a client he was assisting with a price check. The staff member told him to mind his business, just stay in his lane. In Sonny's attempts to resolve he -called 3 week Manager Ron, asked for assistance from present Anthony and Terrell. Sears CS asked if I was ok, when the two police officers came to arrest me. They wanted to make sure my kids where fine in the truck on their gaming systems.
    The officer respondents where willing to listen to this assiduous situation, ignoring the undertoned cussing from Terrell. SEARS customer service worked in partner with Sonny Baxter to give a refund, yet no atonement for slanderous means of incarceration, water damages(truck & contents, foyers, carpeted steps) milage + time.

    This event had to be explained to my 13 year old daughter and seven year old son. No, mommy is not going to jail.


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