Sunday, June 5, 2011 - Staples Retail Customer Satisfaction Survey is a website to receive feedback about a recent shopping experience at the Staples, Inc. chain of office supply stores. The site is available in English and Spanish. To proceed with the survey, customers must enter a 16 digit code that can be found on their receipt. In return for completing the survey, participants will have the opportunity to win a monthly drawing of a $5,000 gift card for use at a Staples store.

Staples, Inc. is a chain of stores originally founded in 1985. Currently, the store has over 2,000 locations in over 2 dozen countries. Staples stores sell a variety of office equipment and supplies, including paper products, office supplies, office furniture, computers, and electronics. Many locations also offer printing, shipping, and copy services as well. Their current marketing advertises their "easy" button, publicizing their ability to easily solve many business and office problems.

Retail survey:

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